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After entries are received, a database of these subscribers is created and mails are sent to them when ever there is a need. Earlier on, mailing lists were sent through snail mail. With the advancement of technology, the most popular method for sending mailing lists is email. However, the traditional snail mail service is still in use.Mailing lists are one of the most effective methods to connect with people. A common banner or advertisement is created and sent across through email or snail mail. The biggest advantage of a mailing is that the mails are sent to people who have voluntarily opted for receiving the mails. As a result, the chances of conversion are much higher. These days, the email programs can identify most of the online advertisements and categorize them as spam that the users don’t even glance at. However, with a voluntarily opted for mailing list, the result is different. The subscribers actually look forward to these mails and even if they get into the junk mail folder, they get retrieved.For some organizations that thrive on charity, mailing lists are the most effective way to reach all their patrons and hence, collect some good amount for some good cause. These days, most of the email services have group facilities where a single mail reaches all the members of the group. The group members can also stay in touch with each other through the group mailing system. This helps create the network that is so important for the success of a mailing list. With such options, mailing lists save a lot of time and money and we have always heard the adage that time is money. When a subscriber feels that he or she does not want to be part of a particular mailing list, there is an option to unsubscribe too.Mailing lists are also rented and sold. The mailing list brokers help facilitate this exercise. When a mailing list is sold, the renter needs to abide by certain rules and regulations and has to work according to a contract that is in force for a limited time.There are many disadvantages of mailing lists. They can be easily accessed by dishonest renters who combine several mailing lists and blast mails to all the subscribers, whether they are interested or not. Thankfully, most of the email programs can identify these mails and categorize them as spam.When mailing lists are used effectively, they can work wonders whether one is looking to sell some new product or idea or promoting some product or service. With the right kind of mailing list that reaches the right kind of people, there are only positives that come out of it.This is one of the most successful methods for creating a big and stable online business.